Message from the Chairman

Every NEA Chairman's Report has its own emphasis and flavour: sometimes there are major events relating to the several centres to record, while on other occasions it seems useful rather to describe aspects of the regular ongoing activities.  Very often, it seems to me, the normal run of activities better reflects the strength of NEA than outstanding or unusual commemorative events.

Thomas More Institute

The Thomas More Institute is an initiative of NEA that seeks to provide a forum for civil discourse, offering opportunities for principled engagement with intellectual and public issues to those who take part in its activities.

Continuing Professional Development at Dunreath

Nowadays most professional bodies require their members to have been involved in some kind of on-going technical development each year. This is to ensure the continuing high level of competence that practitioners should maintain after qualification. In keeping with NEA's objectives in the education of both young and old, Dunreath has been running Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, courses.

Lakefield Training Centre

Lakefield as we know it now started in 1966 when Netherhall House and Lakefield Catering School were built. Prior to that Netherhall was a small student residence that received hospitality services from trainees based at The Cottage. The complex was opened by the Queen Mother in November 1966. At that time the students gained their qualification from the Welsh Matriculation Board. However, by 1994 the NVQ system had been introduced into the UK and Lakefield received City & Guilds approval to run Hospitality and Catering courses.

Romania Work Camp

In summer 2004, a group from Kelston and Westpark spent two weeks on a work camp in the village of Ilva Mica in Transylvania, northern Romania.  The work included a major operation to damp-proof a hostel in the village, used for youth groups.  The groups also painted the parish church with a weatherproof varnish and started building a light shelter next to a children's playground for which we laid the foundations.

World Youth Day in Cologne

World Youth Day was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II in 1986 as a way for young people from all over the world to get together with him and to reflect on their mission in life and in society. In alternate years this event was to be held in Rome, but in the other years it would take place in different cities around the globe: Buenos Aires, Compostela, Czestokowa, Denver, Manila, Paris, Toronto… For the 20th World Youth Day, Cologne in Germany had been chosen.

40 years of Kelston: 1964-2004

In October 2004, the 40th Anniversary of Kelston was celebrated. Numerous 'Kelstonians' from across the years popped in throughout the day. In the evening a cross-section of both former and present members of the club shared their experiences and memories.